Bikini Waxing – Dangers

Vanity for Summer

Here we are going into summer. Many women spent those winter months exercising and dieting so that they would fit into that bikini. There are so may articles of women going from sexy beauty habit to scary sickness because of bikini waxing!

So many women wanted  a smooth bikini line. Within 24 hours of getting a wax at reputable salons across the country and the world, an infection happens. A woman can develop a fever of greater than 102, chills, and pain in her legs, groins and back. A diagnosis of cellulites is what you hear. Cellulitis is a dispersed infection of connective tissue with severe swelling of dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. The infection can cause a woman to spend more than two weeks in the hospital with IV antibiotics and heavy-duty painkillers. Incision and drainage is necessary to drain the infection.

Folliculitis is the inflammation of one or more hair follicles or ingrown hairs. The injured follicles are then infected with the bacteria Staphylococcus (staph). According to Wikipedia there are several ways folliculitis can present:

  • Tinea barbae is caused by fungus T. rubrum
  • Malassezia folliculitis is caused by the malassezia yeast.
  • Eosinophilic folliculitis may appear in persons with impaired immunity (AIDS, blood disorders). People with diabetes, chronic kidney or liver disease, skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, or weakened immune systems should avoid waxing.

 How does this infection occur?

Pubic hair is there to protect the sensitive skin and mucous membranes in the genital region. Remove that hair for vanity and a layer of protection is stripped away with the hair. Waxing pulls off tiny pieces of the outer layer of skin creating an opening for bacteria to enter. The break does not have to be visible. Streptococcus and Staphylococcus are the most common of the bacteria. These bacteria are part of the normal bacteria found on the skin. They don’t cause any problems as long as they remain on the skin’s outer surface.

A Fox News report from July 2007 told of the near death experience of a 20-year-old woman in Melbourne, Australia. According to the article the woman was treated in the emergency room two weeks after receiving a the Brazilian bikini wax, a method that includes eliminating even more hair front-to-back than a traditional bikini wax. She had a history of type 1 diabetes, and developed an infection. The blood cultures found Streptococcus pyogene which caused her extremely swollen genitalia and a rash on her chest and neck.

Brazilizan Waxing and More

The Brazilian wax has blown up in status in recent years. In fact, the radical hair-removal system has become practically de rigueur for the modern woman. Vanity is a big motivator for many women will persist to select for smooth skin over safety.

  • Types of Waxing:
    Regular Bikini Wax: Removes the hair outside the underwear line.
  • Full Bikini Wax: Increases the bikini line so that more pubic hair is removed than a regular bikini wax. This can include waxing some hair on top of the pubic area to make a more defined triangle area, and/or trimming the hair shorter.
  • Brazilian Bikini Wax: Removes all pubic hair front to the back. Sometimes a small strip or triangle remains in the front.

How It Feels To Give a Bikini Wax

New Jersey backpedals on proposed bikini waxing ban


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